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A similar fabric cone is sold on Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk)
For whippets and greyhounds consider using the Novaguard (www.novaguard.co.uk)
For other breeds consider using the Comfy Collar (www.comfycollars.co.uk)

ProCone - Soft Recovery Collar


The ProCone Soft Recovery Collar is a comfy alternative to the buster collar, suitable for dogs and cats. The ProCone is better for your pet than the standard plastic cone because it won’t dig into their neck or scratch your furniture and it can be easily adjusted. It is a very comfy cone made with the latest materials, with reinforced seams for added strength and protection.

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ProConeThe main part of the ProCone is a tough fabric that is machine washable. The edges are coated with a material that is reflective at night, increasing visibility when your pet is in your garden or out with you for a walk.

The ProCone doesn’t have any foam or backing board inserted inside it. This allows the fabric to become breathable, preventing the build-up of moisture which could otherwise cause irritation and problems behind the ears.

The ProCone can be folded back when eating and drinking. One of the supporting rods in the seams has been split into two to make folding easier, and there is a velcro tab to help hold it in place. Remember to unfold it again when they have finished.

ProConeEvery ProCone is supplied with a free collar strap which has stainless steel rings for attaching your dog lead. If your dog doesn’t usually wear a collar this saves you the expense of getting one whilst they are wearing the ProCone. If they already have a regular collar it’s okay to use that one instead, or both at the same time if you want. The size of the collar strap can be adjusted and it can be removed if required.

Each ProCone is very easily assembled using velcro fastenings. The velcro can be moved into different positions to adjust the shape of the ProCone, making it wider or narrower to suit your pet.

To choose the right size of ProCone for your pet you need to consider how it is being used. If you are protecting the head area then you can usually focus on just the neck measurements. However if you are restricting access to the body area you will also need to ensure the ProCone extends beyond the nose by a couple of inches. You can refer to our ProCone Size Chart to select the right size for your requirements. If you are protecting the body area you may wish to consider using the ProCollar as an even more comfortable alternative. The Optivizor is recommend for face and eye protection.

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